Our Kindergarten programs are specially designed to balance all the skills needed for 4-6 years old kids, using only international preschool curriculum, such as:

  • Verbal skill                        : English (with GrapeSEED curriculum) and                                                              Mandarin                                                                                                                       Bahasa Indonesia (baca-tulis) for K2
  • Cognitive skill                  : Math
  • Fine Motor Skill               : Cutting, Pasting, Folding, Pencil Skill                                                                    (with Kumon Method)
  • Gross Motor Skill             : Physical Exercise
  • Social & Emotional Skill : Character Building                                                                                                      (with SecondSTEP curriculum)
  • Practical Life Skill            : EPL (with Montessori method)

School hours are from 8:00-11:30 for K1, and 8:00 – 12.00 for K2, Monday – Friday.

Kindergartners will have two scheduled field trips a year.

The first badge started on July 2013, and we are proudly announced that our first badge graduates are accepted in various elementary schools they aimed without any problem, such as BPK Penabur Sunrise, Bukit Sion, Springfield, St. John Meruya, Pahoa, St. Laurensia, Kasih Karunia. 




nursery-welcome-sign-mattOur Nursery programs are designed to give children a true early advantage, benefiting both the children and their families.

Children absorb information best, when they are having fun, engaging their mind and body. That is why, at Love To Learn,  your child will learn and play:

  • with a fun and effective international curriculum
  • in a fun and energetic environment
  • with experienced and passionate certified teachers
  • Level Age Frequency Day Time
    N1 2 – 3 yo 3x/week Mon – Wed – Fri 10:15 – 12:15
    Tue – Thu –  Sat
    N2 3 – 4 yo 5x/week Mon – Fri 08:00 – 10:00




GrapeSEED Curriculum

English For Kids  >>> Get Children Communicating

  • Specially designed English program for children with entry-level from 3-6+ years old and can be continued until 12 years old, through out 40 levels of learning.
  • Learning English in a natural way, just like the way a child learns to speak her mother tongue – one that requires no grammatical or analytical thinking, yet allows students to meet academic objectives that are more advanced than those that conventional programs can achieve.
  • Build up auditory and verbal communication skills first, and gradually increase reading, spelling, and writing objectives.
  • World-class, top-quality multi-media content that engages children and makes learning fun!
  • Small group classes, conducted by loving and caring GrapeSEED certified teachers.

GrapeSEED works wonders… while students play!

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