What did GrapeSEED Global Trainer say?

IMG_8784 -marius in Jo's class 2IMG_8783 - marius in Jo's class







Love To Learn is GrapeSEED‘s first model school in Indonesia. They offer a great environment for the students and the teachers and they are doing a wonderful job supporting the teachers with training and guidance.

The students at Love To Learn have improved visibly in the past 6 months. They are more confident and they spontaneously and naturally speak English. They love coming to me and conversing with me in English.

The teachers at Love To Learn are enthusiastic about the curriculum and they care about the students. Their professional development as teachers shows that they want the best for these students.

I’m happy to be involved with Love To Learn. I’ve been teaching GrapeSEED English for years, and I know of no other curriculum that compares with its quality. We are now teaching students in 16 countries, including in the USA, Japan, and South Korea. I’m excited about what GrapeSEED is doing for the students everywhere!”

(Mr. Marius van Broekhuizen – GrapeSEED Global Trainer – on his second visitation to Love To Learn, April 15-26, 2013)


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