Apakah Anak anda suka melamun atau Day Dreaming?

Tahukah Anda bahwa bila anak suka melamun atau day dreaming, itu adalah tanda-tanda bahwa dia sulit berkonsentrasi?

Anak yang sulit berkonsentrasi tidak akan maksimal menyerap pelajaran yang diberikan di sekolah. Akibatnya, prestasi di sekolahnya juga cenderung tidak memuaskan. Banyak orang tua mengantisipasi hal tersebut dengan mengikutsertakan anak dalam bimbel atau meminta anak untuk mengulang pelajaran di sekolah setiap hari.

Hal tersebut mungkin menjadi solusi sesaat, akan tetapi tidak menyelesaikan akar permasalahannya. Yang penting untuk diperbaiki adalah skill/kemampuan berkonsentrasi anak. Dengan pelatihan konsentrasi yang tepat, anak akan mendapatkan kemampuan belajar yang akan berguna seumur hidupnya (skill for a life time). Dengan demikian, orang tua juga tidak perlu lagi mengeluarkan biaya lebih untuk bimbel dan anak tidak perlu mengurangi waktu bermainnya dengan mengulang pelajaran setiap hari di rumah.

Di Indonesia, saat ini telah tersedia pusat pelatihan konsentrasi yang menerapkan teknologi dari NASA Amerika yang dikhususkan untuk keperluan edukasi. Pelatihan yang memiliki teknologi ini sudah dapat diikuti oleh anak usia 4 tahun hingga dewasa, dan berlokasi di FOCUS-Brain Training yang berada di daerah Puri Indah, Jakarta Barat. Untuk informasi lebih lanjut dan free trial, Bapak/Ibu bisa langsung menghubungi nomor telepon: 021.5835.2467.

Adapun pelatihan konsentrasi ini dilakukan dengan cara yang menyenangkan melalui permainan edukasi yang menggunakan software Play Attention diseimbangkan dengan Brain Gym untuk menyelaraskan bagian otak kanan dan otak kiri, dan sambil mendengarkan musik klasik dengan gelombang khusus (Brain Booster) untuk memaksimalkan konsentrasi anak.

Berikut ini kami bagikan berbagai testimoni dari orang tua yang sudah merasakan perubahan positif pada anak mereka setelah mengikuti pelatihan di FOCUS-Brain Training ini.

Keara Testimony for Brain Focus

“I was so happy to see such a dramatic change in such a short period of time.” 

My 10 year old daughter, Keara, started the training three months ago. She has had a lot of challenges with attention, focus, memory, comprehension and communication since she was very young.

When Keara first started the brain training, she was frustrated, fidgeted a lot, and complained that the games were too long.

I am so thankful that I persevered because Keara has made huge progress since she started three months ago. I have noticed a big difference in how Keara focuses on her homework, and in what she is able to remember and understand. I have no doubt that a big part of her improvement is from what she has learned from the Play Attention software.

For anyone who has a child with ADHD, I would highly recommend the training.

~ Carol, proud mother of Keara
Ramya Testimony for Brain FocusRamya goes from teacher complaints to teacher praise

Ramya was having trouble with finishing her homework  assignments on time. Even once she finished them after a long time, there would be several mistakes and incomplete problems.

Eventually I found out about Play Attention a program designed to help kids with focusing, distraction, attention and listening. A few months after beginning her program with Play Attention, to my surprise I began receiving calls from her teacher that Ramya was doing great.

I was lucky to find Play Attention Brain training program and its variety of games that help kids to get focused, stay focused and ignore distractions.

Anuradha, Mother of Ramya

Cameron Testimony for Brain Focus“Play Attention made it possible for me to focus, do my work, my homework and that is excellent.” By Cameron, age 12

Before Play Attention training I would stare in space and think of nothing. I have the power to think of nothing. I would only get one Montessori math work done in two hours and thirty minutes in class. I was not aware when I lost focus until my teacher would call my name to bring me back. I couldn’t believe my teacher when she said that it was time for lunch. I thought only 10 minutes had passed, not 3 hours; most kids can do all 6 assignments in that same time.

Sometimes I wanted to stop staring and do my work,but I couldn’t control my focus. Sometimes I would lose my focus up to 40 to 60 minutes. I got so worried when I found out that so much time had passed, I thought something was horribly wrong with my teacher, myself and other students. My Mom got really, really worried because homework took all evening. She had to constantly help me with my homework.

My Mom took me to a doctor that studied people to see what would help me function better. He told us to look for brain training. With Play Attention brain training, I took control of my brain and discovered a new power, and that is to wipe all my stress away and focus.

In the beginning it was very difficult. I got mentally tired very quickly. Now I don’t get as tired, it’s easier, and I am doing work that is more complicated like this story. My homework now takes one to two hours. And I do it on my own! My Mom just looks it over at the end or when I get stuck. Just once in a while at the most. My Mom is a teacher and she can do her work while I am doing mine.

My teacher is happy about my progress and so am I, because I can do as much as the other kids most days. If you think this is a make believe story then you are wrong. This is a true story. The Play Attention brain training made it possible for me to focus, do my work, my homework and that is excellent.

Note from mom:

— Hello, my name is Mary.  This is my son Cameron’s story. Amazingly he wrote it himself. Something he would not have been able to do before Play Attention brain training. His coaches are Robert and Jacci. Thanks to them and play attention, my life and that of my son’s have been changed forever.