GrapeSEED Curriculum

English For Kids  >>> Get Children Communicating

  • Specially designed English program for children with entry-level from 3-6+ years old and can be continued until 12 years old, through out 40 levels of learning.
  • Learning English in a natural way, just like the way a child learns to speak her mother tongue – one that requires no grammatical or analytical thinking, yet allows students to meet academic objectives that are more advanced than those that conventional programs can achieve.
  • Build up auditory and verbal communication skills first, and gradually increase reading, spelling, and writing objectives.
  • World-class, top-quality multi-media content that engages children and makes learning fun!
  • Small group classes, conducted by loving and caring GrapeSEED certified teachers.

GrapeSEED works wonders… while students play!

For more information, click here.


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