Q: What is the academic curriculum used by Love To Learn Preschool?

A: LTL Preschool uses international curriculums that are proven to be the best in its’ subject, for example:

-GrapeSEED English Education for Children (Further information can be found at

– Montessori for EPL (Exercise for Practical Life)

– Kumon for basic skills (logical thinking and fine motor skills)

– Play Attention from NASA-USA for focus training, etc.

 Q: What is GrapeSEED and how does it work?

A: GrapeSEED is a revolutionary English curriculum designed for the way children naturally learn language development. We use many kind of teaching tools that are fun, interactive and proven to be powerfully effective. We believe that when fun goes in, language comes out. GrapeSEED is being used in 16 countries (inc. USA, Russia, Japan, South Korea, China) and applied at more than 500 preschools around the world.

 Q: What are the academic levels provided by Love To Learn?

A: Nursery 1 (2-3 y.o), Nursery 2 (3-4 y.o), Kindergarten 1 (4-5 y.o), Kindergarten 2 (5-6 y.o)

 Q: What is the cut-off month for each level?

A: The ideal cut-off month at LTL is October, but for some cases a small amount of children that were born in November and December will be considered, under special agreement.

 Q: What is the language of instruction used in Love To Learn?

A: Both our instructional language and books are in English.

 Q: How many languages will the child learn at Love To Learn?

A: At N1-N2 level, the child will learn only English. But starting from K1, there will be additional language learned, that is basic Mandarin, and at K2 level he will learn how to read and write in Bahasa Indonesia as well. We prepare our children to become competent for entering many different types of elementary schools.

 Q: How is Love To Learn different from other schools?

A: N1-N2 level in LTL is less academic but full of fun activity to build the love of learning English, and to help the 2-3 y.o children to socialize and follow common rules. However, K1-K2 level is a little bit more academic. LTL prepared 4-5 y.o children for elementary level, while the method is still fun and natural, so they won’t realize that they actually learn a lot of things. Love-To-Learn is the first model school in Indonesia that uses GrapeSEED curriculum for English.

 Q: Can a child be accompanied by his mother or nanny in the class?

A: We understand that for the first time of school, some children have separation issues; some need more time to get used to the school environment. We are very flexible about the time needed, because each child is different. Guardian is welcome to class as long as needed for N1 class, but for N2 class we limit the period for max. one month. Although the hardest separation case might need about six months, we will try our best to make the child feel comfortable and secure to enter the class on his own as soon as possible. This flexibility is hard to find in other preschools.

 Q: What if the child can not follow the lesson?

A: If the child can not follow the lesson because he is too young (not age-appropriate) for the class, he will be asked to stay in the class for another year. But if it is because of other reason, we will make sure that he can catch up with the lesson by giving him extra tutorial, without any extra fee.

 Q: What elementary schools do Love To Learn’s graduates go?

A: Our graduates are accepted in Springfiled, IPEKA, Bukit Sion, SDK11 Penabur, St. John, Pahoa, St. Laurensia, Tzu Chi, etc. We are pretty sure that with our quality curriculums, guided by our passionate and experienced teachers, our children will have no difficulties to enter any quality elementary schools at the neighborhood. LTL will assist parents to choose the ideal elementary school that meet their needs, by gathering all registration information from the elementary schools around the area and providing free consultation regarding it. Some elementary schools even provide collecting enrolment form and/or doing entrance test at our spot with special discount for LTL students.

 Q: What is the composition of Love To Learn teachers?

A: The majority of our teachers is WNI (Warga Negara Indonesia), with an expatriate Mandarin teacher. Our trainer is a native speaker teacher from GrapeSEED that will be sent to LTL 2 times a year to teach and observe the classes, as well as upgrading the teachers with more advanced training.

Q: What are the teachers: students ratio in Love To Learn?

A: Our N1 class is usually consisting of 12-15 students with 3-4 teachers. For N2 class, we provide two teachers in one class and for K1/K2 class there will be one homeroom teacher plus some subject teachers, such as computer teacher and Mandarin teacher.

 Q: What are Love To Learn teachers’ backgrounds?

A: LTL Teachers are certified GrapeSEED teachers that have been trained by GrapeSEED Global Trainer. Many of them are still actively serving as Sunday School teachers too at their local churches and have several years experiences of teaching.

 Q: Can I enroll my child in the middle of the school year?

A: We open enrollment throughout the school year for N1 and N2 classes as long as there are available seats.

 Q: What do I need to prepare for registration?

A: After the free trial, parents can fill in the registration form and submit the copy of the child birth certificate. After that, parents pay the enrollment fee and the first monthly fee in advance. The uniform fee, books + tools fee, and activity fee can be paid before the school starts. All payments are not refundable or transferable to other parties.

 Q: What special activities are there in Love To Learn?

A: We will have 2x of field trips and 2x of big events (Christmas & End of School Year Celebration). We also have some small events, such as Easter Celebration, Chinese New Year Celebration, and Mothers Day Celebration, etc.

 Q: Is Love To Learn a Christian base-school?

A: Yes, at LTL the children will be taught to pray in Jesus name, and to have the fear of God in their life.

Q: How often will the parents get student report?

A: The student report card will be given every 3 months at the end of the quarter.

 Q: Does Love To Learn prepare for food for students?

A: LTL does not prepare food on daily basis, except for field trips or other special events. Students have to bring their own food and drink to school. However, school prepares the mineral water for refill.

Q: Does a child get toilet training at Love To Learn?

A: LTL will help toilet training a child but it will be done individually not classically. The timing for each child to be ready for toilet training is different.



    • Selamat siang, bu.
      LTL tidak mempunyai tanggal open house yang khusus. Untuk trial, kami memberikan kesempatan 1x free trial. Jika Ibu ada pertanyaan atau informasi mengenai LTL secara lebih rinci bisa langsung menghubungi kami di no telp (021) 5835 2467. Terima Kasih.

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