“You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year conversation” – Plato

kirim ke laoshi

What is play therapy?

  • A method of helping children with behavior, emotional, social and mental health      problems to help themselves
  • Play is the chils’s natural medium of self expression – It’s essential for development
  • Opportunity to ‘play out’ their feelings and problems with a therapeutic objective


Below is a list of very common emotional themes that trouble children.

  • Feeling not wanted
  • kirim ke laoshi (2)Feeling powerless or insignificant
  • Feeling ‘unspecial’ unimportant or invisible
  • Feelings of being the unfavoured one
  • Feelings of not belonging
  • Feeling not liked, or actively hated
  • Feeling rubbished, abused, used
  • Feelings of self-loathing
  • Desperately wanting someone to like me or love me who doesn’t
  • Feelings of needing someone too much
  • Feeling lonely
  • Feeling broken-hearted
  • Feeling emotionally hungry
  • Feeling lost
  • Feeling empty inside
  • Always needing to be in control
  • Always anxious about something
  • Feelings of fear about anything new or different
  • Worrying that Mummy or Daddy might die or leave me
  • Trying to ‘mend’ Mummy and Daddy because they are ill/depressed
  • Feeling ‘I want to run away or hide’
  • Living in fear of being bullied/bullied again
  • Feeling that the world is basically a frightening place
  • Feeling that no one or nothing is safe
  • Feeling invaded or taken over
  • Feeling contaminated
  • Feeling uptight, angry or that I am sitting on a volcano
  • Feeling of wanting to hit out, hurt or destroy
  • Feeling that ‘It’s all too much’
  • Feeling that I am trying to hold up the world
  • Feeling a mess inside
  • Feeling that ‘I am bad’
  • Fear of being myself in case I damage someone
  • Feeling ‘What is the point of anything?’


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