Testimony about English Course

“Emlyn sudah 3 tahun ini les di Love To Learn. Emlyn happy sekali, and she has so much fun! Perkembangannya sangat bagus sekali. Pronunciationnya sangat baik. Ketika lulus TK kmrn, Emlyn mendapat Juara 1 Bahasa Inggris dan mendapatkan tabungan pendidikan dari BII. We are the proud parents, thanks to L2L!” — Ibu Melly, mama dari Emlyn (3 tahun)

“My son just joined Love To Learn Preschool in K1, I am so amazed that Jesse c20140909_115954an sing so many new songs in almost two months. He can also remember the stories of most of his books. He looks at the pictures and tell exactly what is written at the pages because he remember the stories. And he knows the letters so he knows which sentence he should start with.”–Mrs. Jennice, mom of Jesse (4 y.o)

alison with us

“When Alison was 2.5 years old, I was looking for a fun activity that channels her energy and encourages learning. I came up with a priority to get her into a course. Out of a few, I chose Love To Learn-English Education for Children. I simply love the teaching method, curriculum, and especially the dynamic class activity. Although Love To Learn was very new, I’m glad I made the right choice. Not long after Alison join in, she demonstrated more confidence in speaking english with her dad and keeps improving since. Looking at her having a fun learning with flash cards, singing, and dancing expressively in the class is simply delightful.” —Mrs. Annie, mom of Alison (3 y.o)

IMG00702-20130130-0820“My daughter Elise loves going to Love To Learn. She has so much fun singing and dancing to the catchy tunes, she doesn’t realize she’s actually learning a lot of stuffs. Reviewing the lessons at home is such a fun activity for the whole family full of laughters and dancings. Thanks for bringing this great curriculum to Indonesia.” — Mrs. Sofia, mom of Elise (3.5 y.o)

aby-bryThanks to Love To Learn, Abigail & Bryan sekarang lebih percaya diri untuk menggunakan bahasa Inggris. Hal yang paling lucu dan menyenangkan adalah sekarang mereka suka debat dan mengkritik bahasa Inggris saya 😀  Maju terus yah Love To Learn, semoga bisa selalu menjadi rumah kedua untuk Aby-Bry”. — Ibu Susanti Lina, mama dari Abigail & Bryan (5 tahun)

“Yang pasti sejak les di Love To Learn, Emlyn jadi semakin confidence untuk bicara bahasa Inggris. Great teacher & tempatnya nyaman. Emlyn juga happy setiap kali les”. — Ibu Melly, mama dari Emlyn (3 tahun)